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a man suffering from heartburn

Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn

Reflux acid causes heartburn, and it is a result of regurgitation of partially digested liquids or stomach acid mixed with foods. Irritation is generated on the throat and esophagus when the acid makes its way there. Whenever anything increases pressure on your abdomen, contents in your stomach is pushed up into the esophagus, and these include too much eating, pregnancy, and obesity. You should never worry about occasional heartburn but if its frequent heartburn; it can lead to chronic digestive disorders. Here are home remedies for heartburn

Eat smaller foods and Lose Weight

a plate of foodStomach contents will be forced up the esophagus when obesity puts pressure on the abdomen. Heavy meals lead to increase of pressure on the abdomen and lead to acid reflux. By eating smaller meals and losing a few pounds is one of the home remedies recommended.



Avoid Smoking

Tobacco contains chemicals which will damage your lower esophageal sphincter, these set of muscles keep the esophagus closed preventing stomach contents coming out. Tobacco chemicals weaken this band of muscles, stomach acid and regurgitated food can easily make their way into your esophagus. You will say goodbye to heartburns for good if you quit smoking for good.

Add Herbs to your Cooking

Bay, ginger, cinnamon, horseradish, and mint are among the herbs known to ease your digestion. There is an herb that complements your cooking hence use one or more liberally especially if you cooking something that leads to heartburn

Deep Breathing Exercises

When you practice deep breathing exercises, you strengthen the muscles surrounding the lower esophageal sphincter and reduce the amount of air swallowed, relieving some acid reflux symptoms. It is just pure to do this as you breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly.

Changing Body Position

After meals instead of slouching, stand up straight. It helps acid and food stay in the stomach and out of your esophagus. Never sleep on your stomach, instead try sleeping on your side and elevate your head and upper body when you lie down. It is a simple home remedy, but it can significantly reduce heartburn and symptoms of acid reflux.

Chewing Gum

a girl chewing gumWhen you chew gum there is an increase of saliva, neutralization of acids in the regurgitated foods occurs thus reducing the chances of heartburn that causes a burning sensation.

Avoid Fatty Foods and Take Protein-Rich meals

Taking meals lavish in protein increase the lower esophageal sphincter pressure thus making you stronger against acid reflux. On the other hand, fatty foods decrease pressure on the LES resulting in acid reflux and heartburn.


Simple gear that helps in keeping fit

Fitness has got to be a goal that majority of us hope to achieve. Though it has got to be the most involving and somewhat cruel a journey, it requires some tough-skinned people to make it through. However, it also requires you to pay attention to the details that we sometimes view as a minute. Unbeknownst to us, we are walking on a tightrope which might cause us our well being. The likes of gears that we use during our workouts should not be taken for granted at any one time.

The shoes

gfdgdfgdfgdfgdfgWorking out without shoes is unheard of. They help in the flexibility of the entire body to distribute pressure equally. All the more reason for you to be keen when it comes to choosing a good pair of workout shoes. Ensure that they are not ill-fitting to those of us that are keen on the shaping of our toes. At the same time, you are not supposed to pick a pair that is a bit too big. It will be a hindrance during your workout exercises.

Jump rope

This might be bad news to those of us that fear the effects of jumping. It is time to overcome those voices of negativity and instead give jumping a try. The good thing about a jump rope is that you don’t have to get home for you to use it. If you are a fitness freak, you are more than free to carry it with you wherever you go. You can use it at the park, or even at the office during a coffee break. What you need is a jump rope that is sensitive to all your needs.

Check on the handles and ensure that they are just as comfortable even when you decide to use it for hours on end. Most people probably dislike it because they bought a rope that they are not comfortable with.

Water bottles

gfhfggfhfghgfhgfhNo workout session is complete without some water for hydration purposes. You need a bottle that will see to all your hydration needs. Naturally, your body tends to lose plenty of water during workouts. It is only necessary for you to ensure that you carry a bottle that is enough for you. Carrying one that is too small for you is only as good as an inconvenience. At the same time, carrying one that is too huge is just but unnecessary luggage on your part. Check online for all the latest and stylish water bottles. You will not regret this move at all.


What better way to enjoy your workout sessions than through some personalized music? Your own playlist is just what you need to get you in the right move to complete those exercises. A little motivation goes a long way in ensuring that everything is well accomplished. That’s not all; you will even find that energy to go deeper and do more exercises. Music has some magic that none of us has been able to understand until now. It only gets better when you have the right accessories with you to bring out the true quality of the music.


Best First Aid Kits For Any Situation

A well-equipped, maintained first aid kit is regarded as the foundation of a good contingency plan. Some common elements are found in every kit, but there is a need for contents to differ to match the area of application. First aid kits are quite important as they help save lives and control bleeding.

Top First-Aid Kits

The majotg23wed6y23w7edu283r categories of a first aid kit are two: bandages and medicine. For bandages, you should go for non-adhesive gauze and Kerlix bandages. Ensure you purchase them in different sizes. When it comes to medicine, you should have a generic equivalent, an antihistamine like Benadryl, diarrhea medication, and anti-inflammatory like aspirin. Other important things to have include paramedic’s scissors, alcohol pads, and rubber gloves.

Coghlan’s Pack 1 Kit

This is a pocket-size first aid kit that easy to carry whenever you go. It is a great kit for minor skin wounds, and its small size means that it can fit your pockets. This explains why it is ideal for afternoon bike rides and hikes. It has a 3-inch moleskin that offers relief for the painful blisters, alcohol pad and antiseptic pad to clean wounds.

Respond Systems’ 4 Person Disaster Kit

This kit is designed to be disaster ready, and it is built to sustain at least four people for three days. It has over 9600 calories of food and about 100 ounces of water. Its contents are stored in a plastic bucket that can be converted into a makeshift toilet if the need arises. Survival experts have recommended changing the plastic material with a metal one to use it for boiling water and cooking.

Adventure Medical Kits’ Watertight & Ultratight

This is a backpatg23we6dch783wcking first aid kit. When a kit is too large, you will find it quite difficult to carry it. Fortunately, this is just watertight and ultralight. Moreover, it weighs less than 10 ounces and comes with duct tape, trauma pads, necessary medications, and irrigation syringe. There are adequate bandages in the kit to deal with serious skin wounds. Irrigation syringes do not come with needles. This makes it quite difficult to induce further injuries.

Adventure Medical Kits Marine

Sea sickness, fishhooks, and sunburn through hands are common injuries at sea. You may not think about such injuries while still on land. This first aid kit comes with nausea medication, aloe vera gel, a guide to marine medicine, and hook removals.


Heart Rate Monitor Buying Guide

Heart rate monitors are helpful exercise equipment. You should note that cardiovascular workouts are healthy forms of exercise. However, best results are achieved when the intensity of your exercising increases heart rate to the optimal levels. Feeling tired or out of breath does not necessarily imply that you have achieved perfect heart rate, particularly for beginners.tgwedc6yhe7du22

However, you need to ensure that your heart rate is not exceeding the maximum heart rate. You can achieve this by monitoring your cardiovascular workouts by using the right heart rate monitor. In this guide, you will understand some basic concepts you should take into account when buying a heart rate monitor, which best suits your needs.

Heart rate monitor types

There are two main types of heart rate monitors: finger sensor models and chest strap models. Both styles provide a broad range of features other than monitoring your heart rate. The basic models have few features but cost a few dollars. On the other hand, advanced models provide versatile features but are costly. Some of the features they have include calorie counters, clocks, distance monitors, and speed.

Finger sensor monitors

These are quite easy to use and offer an accuracy level of 95%. They use touch screen technology to provide you with the information. You should stop exercising before you activate it. Such models tend to have few extra features other than heart rate monitoring. Also, they cost significantly less and wearing them is not associated with any discomfort.

Chest strap monitors

They aretg23ed6cyh723eud8i2 the most common style of the heart rate monitors. They are strapped around the chest and do send data wirelessly. The basic models provide workout length and heart rate information. On the other hand, advanced models have features for distance monitoring and speed. In fact, some even have GPS capability. Chest straps are accurate than the finger sensor models. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive.

Heart rate monitors are useful health gadgets for people involved in cardiovascular exercises. They are used to ensure that the user achieves the recommended heart rate when exercising. This is necessary to achieve the desired results. Moreover, they can serve as warning systems in case the heart rate is quite high while exercising. Also, advanced models include other features such as calorie counting, stopwatch, GPS, and distance and speed monitoring. The fact that there are several models on the market makes it quite easy to find those that meet your needs.