Heart Rate Monitor Buying Guide

Heart rate monitors are helpful exercise equipment. You should note that cardiovascular workouts are healthy forms of exercise. However, best results are achieved when the intensity of your exercising increases heart rate to the optimal levels. Feeling tired or out of breath does not necessarily imply that you have achieved perfect heart rate, particularly for beginners.tgwedc6yhe7du22

However, you need to ensure that your heart rate is not exceeding the maximum heart rate. You can achieve this by monitoring your cardiovascular workouts by using the right heart rate monitor. In this guide, you will understand some basic concepts you should take into account when buying a heart rate monitor, which best suits your needs.

Heart rate monitor types

There are two main types of heart rate monitors: finger sensor models and chest strap models. Both styles provide a broad range of features other than monitoring your heart rate. The basic models have few features but cost a few dollars. On the other hand, advanced models provide versatile features but are costly. Some of the features they have include calorie counters, clocks, distance monitors, and speed.

Finger sensor monitors

These are quite easy to use and offer an accuracy level of 95%. They use touch screen technology to provide you with the information. You should stop exercising before you activate it. Such models tend to have few extra features other than heart rate monitoring. Also, they cost significantly less and wearing them is not associated with any discomfort.

Chest strap monitors

They aretg23ed6cyh723eud8i2 the most common style of the heart rate monitors. They are strapped around the chest and do send data wirelessly. The basic models provide workout length and heart rate information. On the other hand, advanced models have features for distance monitoring and speed. In fact, some even have GPS capability. Chest straps are accurate than the finger sensor models. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive.

Heart rate monitors are useful health gadgets for people involved in cardiovascular exercises. They are used to ensure that the user achieves the recommended heart rate when exercising. This is necessary to achieve the desired results. Moreover, they can serve as warning systems in case the heart rate is quite high while exercising. Also, advanced models include other features such as calorie counting, stopwatch, GPS, and distance and speed monitoring. The fact that there are several models on the market makes it quite easy to find those that meet your needs.