Best First Aid Kits For Any Situation

A well-equipped, maintained first aid kit is regarded as the foundation of a good contingency plan. Some common elements are found in every kit, but there is a need for contents to differ to match the area of application. First aid kits are quite important as they help save lives and control bleeding.

Top First-Aid Kits

The majotg23wed6y23w7edu283r categories of a first aid kit are two: bandages and medicine. For bandages, you should go for non-adhesive gauze and Kerlix bandages. Ensure you purchase them in different sizes. When it comes to medicine, you should have a generic equivalent, an antihistamine like Benadryl, diarrhea medication, and anti-inflammatory like aspirin. Other important things to have include paramedic’s scissors, alcohol pads, and rubber gloves.

Coghlan’s Pack 1 Kit

This is a pocket-size first aid kit that easy to carry whenever you go. It is a great kit for minor skin wounds, and its small size means that it can fit your pockets. This explains why it is ideal for afternoon bike rides and hikes. It has a 3-inch moleskin that offers relief for the painful blisters, alcohol pad and antiseptic pad to clean wounds.

Respond Systems’ 4 Person Disaster Kit

This kit is designed to be disaster ready, and it is built to sustain at least four people for three days. It has over 9600 calories of food and about 100 ounces of water. Its contents are stored in a plastic bucket that can be converted into a makeshift toilet if the need arises. Survival experts have recommended changing the plastic material with a metal one to use it for boiling water and cooking.

Adventure Medical Kits’ Watertight & Ultratight

This is a backpatg23we6dch783wcking first aid kit. When a kit is too large, you will find it quite difficult to carry it. Fortunately, this is just watertight and ultralight. Moreover, it weighs less than 10 ounces and comes with duct tape, trauma pads, necessary medications, and irrigation syringe. There are adequate bandages in the kit to deal with serious skin wounds. Irrigation syringes do not come with needles. This makes it quite difficult to induce further injuries.

Adventure Medical Kits Marine

Sea sickness, fishhooks, and sunburn through hands are common injuries at sea. You may not think about such injuries while still on land. This first aid kit comes with nausea medication, aloe vera gel, a guide to marine medicine, and hook removals.